Importance of having a heart care insurance policy


Today, one in four deaths in India is because of CVDs with ischemic heart disease and stroke responsible for more than 80 per cent of this burden. Unfortunately, more than half the deaths caused by heart-related ailments are in individuals less than 70 years of age.

Lately, it has been observed that CVDs tend to affect people in the most productive years of their lives and result in catastrophic social and financial consequences.

As per the study findings, Indians are 10 times more likely to die of CVDs than people in other parts of the world, and this primarily because of the genetic make-up of the Indians. Another leading factor why Indians possess the highest risk of CVDs is the consistent lifestyle change they have undergone over the last few decades.

Some major reasons for the ongoing cardiac disease crisis are unhealthy diet, air pollution, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Considering the given factors, it is crucial that each one of us must take a step back and start working towards ensuring a healthy heart.

Cost for treatment of CVDs

Ensuring a healthy heart not only means living a healthy lifestyle but also means securing yourself against the massive expenses of unexpected CVDs. And this is because it is not always important that a person living a healthy lifestyle will never be affected by a CVD. Though chances are quite low that people living a healthy lifestyle will get a CVD but there have been several incidences where people following a strict lifestyle have also become prey to the cardiac disease crisis. Over this is the exaggerated cost of treatment for heart-related ailments.

In order to undergo angioplasty to unclog the arteries may cost you anywhere between Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh in a metro city. Similarly, an open heart surgery costs Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh while valve-related surgeries cost anywhere between Rs 4 Lakh and Rs 7 Lakh. It is not always possible for everyone to have enough finances to cover this huge cost and take the best possible treatment.

Get a Health Insurance Cover

It is only possible to easily cover these costs by financially protecting yourself through a comprehensive health insurance policy. Your health insurance policy will cover you against all possible health care expenses for the treatment of CVDs and every other disease as well.

A health insurance plan covers you for all hospitalisation expenses along with pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses as well. Moreover, considering the rising incidences of cardiac disease in India, numerous insurers have even come up with customized fixed benefit health plans that only cater to conditions related to the heart.

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