Advances in Hematology and Blood Disorders


On behalf of the journal of Hematology and blood Disorders as Editor-in-chief. It’s been a great honour and it is a privilege to state that our journal has completed 2 Years. As an Editor-in-chief I feel immense pleasure to welcome you to the journal of hematology and blood disorders

The journal of Hematology and Blood Disorders aims to publish high quality scientific articles which have been peer reviewed by reviewers of international standards on the topics related to hematology and blood disorders to spread knowledge and information in the respective field of research. The open access journal is published by Allied academics

The journal has been running successfully with volume 2 which covers other specialistaion in the field of molecular genetics, pathophysiology,catering to the global audience. The journal accentuates on research in the respective fields such as thrombocytopenia, thalassemias.

To expand the field which has vast scope and importance, alliedacademies are very keen on organising conferences in a timely manner. We organised a 2nd International Conference on Hematology and Oncology which was held from August 23-24 2018.London, UK under the theme of providing a global exposure in the research field .

The conference has attracted numerous abstracts and keynote speakers have shared some valuable knowledge and words. It represented as a platform for all research scholars from around the globe under the same


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Hematology and Blood Disorders
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